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Are you ready to sell for the first Home Inventory Management & Storage Tech Startup?

If you're the salesperson we're looking for, you'll be driven, self-motivated, successful, great at selling in person and over the phone, and want to be in charge of how much you can earn.

You'll be pushed, asked to achieve great results, taught about business marketing, and eventually be trained to open up new locations. You'll sell to dozens of business people each and every month. You'll accept only the best performance from yourself and your team, and you'll be ready to take a long-term challenge to create success in both your life and with Itimizit.com. You'll be inspired, passionate, motivated and above all ready to learn, sell and push yourself to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

If this describes you, then be ready to sell yourself and call us before 5 pm M-F (888) 628-3385

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